Reservoir Studies

Reservoir Studies

Through a multidisciplinary group of Geologists, Petrophysicists and Petroleum Engineers, Suelopetrol renders services to its own E&P operations and also to third party clients in the hydrocarbons industry, offering studies that evaluate oil potential in exploratory areas, prospect generation models, characterizations & reservoir delimitations, reservoir engineering studies, production & drilling locations and field development plans, which also include, risk analysis and economic evaluation.


  • Potential Evaluation and Reserves incorporation
  • Element evaluation of oil system
  • Organic Geochemistry
  • Seismic Interpretation and exploratory prospect generation
  • Geological model of exploratory opportunities
  • Reserves estimation. Risk and economic analysis
  • Exploratory wells prognosis

Characterization and Delimitation

  • Initial Reservoir Characterization
  • Petrophysics and sediment studies
  • Static model and reserves estimation
  • Dynamic model. Reservoir stimulation studies
  • Delimitation strategy design and delimiting wells prognosis
  • Concept development plan

Reservoir Evaluation and Production

  • Reservoir stimulation
  • Well test analysis
  • Development plan definition (economic evaluations and scenarios analysis)
  • Reservoir estimation
  • Nodal analysis and well productivity
  • Reservoir geochemistry