Arature Project

Arature Project

Located in the Orinoco Delta, Monagas State, the Boca de Tigre Eco Camp is a protected area as per resolution of the Ministry of Environment due to its formidable yet vulnerable natural surroundings, where about 33 warao etnia families inhabit. The promotion of the YaKeRaJa School sets a new challenge for Suelopetrol: to build a sustainable new community settlement built under the premises of respect, social values, culture and ecology. Suelopetrol planned this project together with the warao community and has proposed a central area of 240 x 100 mts for the casique house and the common areas:

  • School
  • Dispensary
  • Community House
  • Village Square
  • Soccer field

Within the warao community, the houses are disperse and in very poor conditions. Using their own techniques and materials, it is proposed to build new houses for the improvement their sanitary conditions. It is also planned to install an electric system in accordance with the environment, by using alternate sources like wind energy, solar energy or biogas. The benefits of this project would be:

  • Conservation of the natural and cultural patrimony and the welfare of the indigenous community in the area.
  • Using of non-contaminant, less expensive and more effective energy sources.
  • A community with a sense of understanding the value of the natural environment, feeling the need to protect it and preserve it for the next generations.
  • A community who cares and is proud of its origins, culture, spiritual values and legacy.
  • A durable settlement and a habitat that humanizes the family relationships and with neighbors and communities.
  •  Model of sustainability for other communities.


Suelopetrol promotes the citizen participation, co-responsibility and social control of public affairs through the formation of better citizens. With that in mind, Suelopetrol carry out workshops to the leaders in the communities about Project Planning and Social Controlling. And also, along with local councils, Suelopetrol is designing and executing workshops to increase the organization's capacity for the community development.